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Digital Carving VFX Studio is Kerala's 1st Vfx Studio.Having completed 85 plus movies Digital Carving was also recognised and awarded the most prestigious awards like "The Guinness Book of World Records" and the "Asia Book of Records". We have been active part of the film industry for more than 12 years and have done more than 100 Projects in English, Hindi,Malayalam, Tami, Telugu along with many other languages and their respective Industries.Also have Produced a movie "Juzt Married".We have Shot and Rigged Stereoscopic(3D) Films independently.We have proudly taught and contributed our 300 students to the Malayalam Film Industry many of who are now successful and famous Technicians in field.Being Kerala's First Online Film school, we have also started a revolution by providing high quality Education in various fields of Film Making at a very low fees.Classes conducted by highly Qualified and Experienced Technicians and Artists as our faculties.The most reputed awards we received was the "Guinness Book of World Records" for our participation in the esteemed movie "Netaji".We could also become a part of the "Asia Book of Records" with our work in the movie "Puzhayamma".We were also honoured for our contribution in the Movie "Ohm Shanthi Oshana" on celebrating its 143rd Day of theatre release.We also were rewarded for our remarkable performances in the greatly successful movies like "Punyalan Agarbathis" and "Vellimoonga".And we are currently working on our many other live projects soon to come.

Kerala's First Vfx Studio.Actively contributing to the Film Industry for over 12 years.Have worked in 85plus movies.

Completed more than 100 Projects in English,Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu and many more Languages with their respective Industries.Independently Shot and Rigged Stereoscopic (3D) Films.Produced a movie "Juzt Married".

The Government Affiliated Training Partner under PMKVY, National Skill Development Corporation- N. S. D. C and National Eduacation Training and Development- NETD for providing Certified and free Occupational courses along with job prospects in the Film Industry

Independently Shot and Rigged Stereoscopic (3D) Films.Produced a movie "Juzt Married".

Proudly trained and contributed 300 students to the Malayalam film Industry many of who are now famous and successful Technicians in field.

Kerala's First Online Film School, Started the revolution of providing high quality education in various fields of Film making at a very low fees.

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